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Over 700,000 new businesses will be launched in the U.K. in 2017. Most will be small or medium-sized enterprises, run by people just like you. The annual turnover of all these enterprises will be c. £1.8 trillion, nearly 50% of all private sector turnover in this country. The UK has one of the most vibrant and successful start-up cultures in the world.

As the world of work changes radically because of automation, increasing numbers of people will look to develop their own start-ups. And the key things they will need will be practical advice, and moral support.

Each SLP fellow actively participates in six months of intensive peer-to-peer training. We focus on you, the entrepreneur and support you in the creation of your startup. During this time you meet many experienced entrepreneurs, executives and investors. Like SLP fellows, our supporters share a strong sense of purpose and community.

Rajeeb Dey MBE SLP provides a great opportunity to connect to entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you. It gives you the chance to share the challenges you're facing with people who can relate to your situation as well as following a structured learning programme covering all aspects from hiring to funding and everything in between. I'm still in touch with many of my SLP cohort members and it's great to see how our respective ventures have developed and evolved. If you're on the fence about whether to apply don't be – just do it! Rajeeb Dey MBE, Founder of Enternships & CEO of Learnerbly (SLP 2013)
Melissa Morris SLP gave me a great grounding of all aspects of starting a company. The most valuable part for me was the people I met, many of whom I've stayed in contact with for years since. Melissa Morris, founder of Lantum (SLP 2012)


SLP is the first not-for-profit education program for entrepreneurs. We take no equity but we have a clear and simple mission. We believe that the very best entrepreneurs are among the world’s great problem solvers and forces for positive change. In return for helping you, we ask that at the end of the program you commit to use your talent, wealth or resources to help those not as fortunate and able to help themselves. SLP fellows can be a positive change.

We are supported by fellows, amazing sponsors and mentors all of whom, have freely and enthusiastically provided input and support as speakers, judges, panelists and friends. Many of our returning fellows have founded breakthrough and award winning startups like Network Locum, SoPost, Mangahigh, MyBnk, Aire, NatureBox, Runkeeper, Savored, Rock My Run, Shareaholic and Ubsersense.


We expect significant involvement from all successful candidates. This is a very hands on program, designed to encourage your entrepreneurial approach. Fellows will co-construct and co-organise the program during the six months of education and across all 18 classes, workshops, simulations and study groups. We call on fellows to actively participate in the development and growth of the community.


Founded in Boston back in 2006 by Anupendra Sharma, the program began with seven fellows and has now educated over 2,700 entrepreneurs in 13 countries. So far we are proud to count over 600 women in our network. Fellows have started over 1,700 companies raising more than $550M from the world’s leading investors and accelerators. This year we anticipate admitting a global cohort of around 500. Each fellow has access to this global, multi-cultural network and can easily gather intelligence, make new partnerships or network with peers.


The program focuses on you, the entrepreneur, rather than your startup. Our fellows are members for life whatever their startups take them.

SLP is open to all but we are selective looking for leadership, calibre, openness and ability to contribute to our community. We want to put the best class together in each city so fellows benefit from diverse experiences and backgrounds. The class environment and culture of our network are really important as fellows regularly share experiences and challenges in an open and supportive environment.


Our members have access to the largest international network of mutual assistance to facilitate growth, discover or launch in new markets. Fellows regularly help find local partners, to raise funds, hire or simply to share between peers.

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