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Valuation Writeup & Reflection

I joined the peer-led 2019/2020 Startup Leadership Program in London. Each fellow actively participates in the learning experience and I’ve chosen to run the session on “Valuations and Exits”. As a class CEO, you can tailor and structure the class to best fit the needs of your cohort. Your cohort will have a wide range Read more about Valuation Writeup & Reflection[…]

Understanding the Threads of Leadership

When preparing for my SLP class on Leadership, my thoughts went straight to what I imagined as a leader: current board members, CEOs, and honestly, the ‘straightforward’ examples we think of when we scan LinkedIn. It was not until I truly opened my mind up to what leadership actually meant that I was able to Read more about Understanding the Threads of Leadership[…]

Nuts & Bolts

Tax and Legal: Build the business you would want to buy Professions in the law and accountancy require prolonged training and formal qualifications, and therefore, typically generate large invoices. So, for founders bootstrapping a start-up, any opportunity to avoid engaging the service of either is potential ‘hustle’, and one more month of burn in the Read more about Nuts & Bolts[…]