Conflict Versus Wellness

I am fortunate to be a Fellow on the 2018-2019 London cohort of the Start Up Leadership Program, SLP. SLP is a highly selective, global, world-class training program and lifelong global network for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become start up CEOs. The program began in Boston in 2006 and has grown Read more about Conflict Versus Wellness[…]

Evaluating the Business

My aim was to make each fellow evaluate his/her startup with at least 3 different methods for two reasons.  First to see how much the market would evaluate the startup second to understand which areas must be improved to substantially increase the evaluation, if possible. Unfortunately, because of technical issues (no laptop available) I was Read more about Evaluating the Business[…]

Nuts & Bolts

The class, as always, started with updates from the fellows, followed by book recommendations. The first book was ’12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos’ by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian Psychology professor. The book originally evolved from Peterson answering online questions, one being ‘what are the most valuable things everyone should know?’. The Read more about Nuts & Bolts[…]

Managing Boards

I ran the class on Managing Boards. We focused on: Part 1 Considerations for board makeup Relationship with entrepreneur Board makeup The role of the chairman The importance of having a defined entry/exit process to the board The interplay between shareholder agreement and board mechanics and practicalities Conflict resolution Part 2 The class was also Read more about Managing Boards[…]

Negotiation, Part 2

SLP is a peer to peer-based education program. Each fellow gets the opportunity to run a class taking the role as class CEO. The program team mentor and support us with entrepreneurial learning. Recently I ran the class focused on negotiation. This was a great learning experience for me (and I hope the other fellows). Read more about Negotiation, Part 2[…]


On the 10th of December, I had the pleasure to facilitate the Startup Leadership London Fellows 2019 class on Negotiation & Leadership.  I volunteered to run this class because I am strong believer in the power of Negotiation, and believe we need this skill throughout every aspect of our lives.   As a student of negotiation, Read more about Leadership/Negotiation[…]