Being Okay with Uncomfortable

Being Okay with Uncomfortable

The Customer Development three-hour deep-dive was completed!  The class was a dynamic one. It was held for twenty fellows in Startup Leadership Program – London.

The focus was to get people to understand what’s missing in their sales process and bootstrap their startups through growth hacking. When I planned for the workshop, I wa

nted speakers to give examples of how to do the same thing differently but also successfully, and that there’s no one way to do it right. It generated many learning points for people in different markets.

Seven business experts were invited to join Startup Leadership Program workshop as panelists and share with us their business insights on Customer Development, Growth Hacking and Sales process.

With limited time, we accomplished a lot on a Monday evening through:

  • Insightful storytelling on sales mindset
  • Teaching laser-focused networking techniques with influencers and business leaders
  • Sharing on incessant persistent mindset needed for Growth hacking

Guests were both generous in spirit on giving feedback to each startup founders on business development.

Thanks again to Aaron Branch, Alison Esposti, Fahim Sachedina, Michael Branch, Napala Pratini, River Baig, Seb Haire (ordered alphabetically) for participating as panelists for the event. Thanks for Claire Rampen, Mabel Chung, Meg Dilnot, Merje Shaw, Rowena Li (ordered alphabetically) for referring speakers and Steven Hess and Wen Chen for facilitating the event.