Our classes

Our classes are run on Monday evenings and a couple of Saturdays. We do this to allow any entrepreneur who is still working to participate.

All our classes are peer led with programme fellows taking it in turn to research, plan, organise and run the classes.

You will be supported by the programme team to ensure you class is the best it can be.

The curriculum covers a broad range of topics, carefully designed and refined to support early stage entrepreneurs.


Our classes:

  • Kick off & Values

  • Keynote & SLP Basics

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Product Fair

  • Ideation & Business Model Innovation

  • Cofounder Conflict

  • Customer Development (Lean Startup)

  • Product Development Lifecycle

  • Startup Metrics

  • PR & Marketing

  • Nuts, Bolts, Hiring

  • Mentor Speed Dating

  • Startup Financing by Stage

  • Pitch Workshop & Fundraising

  • Sales and Partnerships

  • Pivot, Persist, or Stop

  • Term Sheet Teardown

  • VC Competition

Curriculum overview

This document provides a good taster with what you can expect from SLP. The curriculum is edited for local purposes