Pitch & Re-Pitched by Camille Gillet

This brand-new class started off from the pitch competition in November. A pint of beer in our hands at the Crowd Tavern, Emilia and I both agreed we should give ourselves more opportunities to practice our pitch, in a safe environment.

Since we had also heard that the best way to sense how our pitch comes across is to have people play it back to you, we came up with this new class concept:

You will pitch your business, during the first round and somebody will pitch your business back to you, during the second round. The fellow who pitches your business will have picked your name at the start of the class, and know they need to pay close attention.

The class took place on the 10th of February at Deloitte and 6 of us attended it (it was optional!) Some of us had refined their pitch and pitch deck, while some tested new messaging.

I was personally impressed by how much the passion was recreated. Andrea, who had picked me, used different words but made me excited about my own business, as it were hers! And that’s the key: even if the facts are not exact, knowing that you are contagious with your passion to the point that someone else feels driven to share it again.

When you re-pitch to someone else, you make it clear to them what stood out. You have to express some passion about the problem, the solution, the progress. You’re likely to pick the bit of the pitch that you related to most or that you understood most. Knowing what that bit is was super valuable for all of us.

It definitely was a worthwhile class. It was also great to be an intimate number.

Here is how it unfolded:

18.30-19.00 ARRIVAL AND SET UP

  • Fellows write the name of their startup on a piece of paper and put it in a hat/bowl

  • Fellows then draw a piece of paper and that will be the startup pitch that they should pay particular attention to during the pitching session

19.00-19.45 PITCH TIME ( 6 x <7min )

  • Fellows pitch their own startup with or without slides: 3 min pitch + 2 min questions + 2 min feedback. The fellows listening take notes.

  • Purpose: To practice pitching and get feedback and advice

19.45-20.00 BREAK AND PREP

  • Fellows to look over notes and prepare to pitch the other Fellow’s startup.

20.00-20.45 REPITCHED TIME (6 x <7min)

  • Fellows pitch the other startup, without slides: 2 min + 5 min discussion.

  • Purpose: provide what were the key points that stood out to them with the pitch and the Fellow of that startup can ask questions back why those points seemed to stand out, along with the rest of the audience. The point is not for that second pitch to be necessarily a “good pitch” but more to see what points stick with them after hearing their pitch.

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