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Mission: Create Social Impact with running businesses doing good.

What we do: Chelsea Creperie is a coffee shop selling specialty coffee, amazing crepes, waffles, gelato and crazy rainbow lattes. Buy One Give One is a project selling socks, masks, biscuits. Every item you buy, we give one to a homeless person or people in need.

Learning Goals

This session had a as objective to prompt Fellows to reflect on the past, present, and future of their entrepreneurial journey. More specifically, to consider and clarify

• The current state of their businesses or business ideas.

• Themselves as founders/entrepreneurs.

• SLP’s impact upon their entrepreneurial journeys.

• How mindfulness techniques can help to anchor consciousness in the present.

• Personal, professional, and social goals for the future.


To shape the session, we gathered feedback from two sources. First, we interviewed last year’s CEO for this session to get insights into what worked best for the previous cohort. He suggested to start the session by a short presentation on the meaning of reflection, different reflection frameworks, and tips & tricks for meaningful reflection. He also stressed the importance of giving time to the cohort to reflect on the SLP experience as well as their plans for the future.

In parallel, we surveyed some of the Fellows about what would make the session most useful for them. Some agreed that a mindfulness session would help to ground us in the present, others suggested to look at mid-term goals (3 or 5 years in the future) rather than following a more tactical approach (1-3 months ahead). Finally, others shared that, looking back at their overall SLP experience, they felt they missed on those serendipitous watercooler moments that naturally arise when the class is run in person.

Equipped with that feedback, we designed the session with four main components:

1. A primer on reflection delivered as a presentation.

2. Focus on the past: Fellows individual reflection on their SLP journey delivered as a presentation.

3. Focus on the present: A short introduction to mindfulness for wellbeing and resilience delivered by an expert guess.

4. Focus on the future: To emulate the missed “watercooler moments”, Fellows would be randomly paired to discuss their personal, professional, and social 3-year goals.

The intention of the class was to create a safe and unthreatening space so that individuals could share their reflections more fully. That also meant that the Fellows would have to put real thought into the preparation of their contributions to the session as a foundation for the day’s activities. To that end, a week before the event we instructed the cohort to prepare the following material

Pre-session work #1: Your reflections

Create 3 slides that explain the following

Slide 1: The current state of your business or business idea

Objective: To provide one tangible problem that the group of Fellows might be able to help you with.

Slide 2: You as a founder/entrepreneur

Objective: To use language (adjectives, verbs) that best describes you/your core strengths (you can give one or two examples) and a few strengths you aspire to/would like to have.

Slide 3: How SLP has transformed your entrepreneurial journey

Objective: To provide one example of an interaction with another Fellow or group of Fellows/mentors that has changed your business or your perspective on entrepreneurship.

Duration of the presentation: 3 minutes.

Pre-session work #2: Your Future

Often, the urgent trumps the important, so the aim of this exercise is to prompt you to reflect on your medium-term goals; more precisely, in 3 years.

Take pen and paper and transport yourself to March 15th 2024. Write what you will have accomplished in the domains below in 3 years

· Personal: Heart, body, mind and soul.

· Professional: Where are you 3 years from now?

· Social: What social difference have you made?


See below the final agenda for the day

18.30 - 18.40 Presentation: The value of reflection and tips for successful reflection

18.40 - 18.45 Your reflections: Individual presentations (3 minutes per Fellow)

19.45 - 20.00 “Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Resilience” by Shamash Alidina

20.00 - 20.10 Break

20.10 - 20. 35 Reflect on the future - 1:1 random pairings to share 3-year goals

20.35 - 20. 45 Books & wins

20.45 - 21.00 Reflect on today’s session

We wrapped up the class by asking Fellows to schedule an email to their buddy in 6 months to remind them about the 3-year goals they shared during the 1:1 session.

The feedback from the audience indicated that participants valued the time devoted to reflect on their accomplishments and the interaction in pairs. Some Fellows specially appreciated the talks about mindfulness as well as the frameworks and tips on reflection. Overall, the feedback was very positive.

Key Learning Outcomes


A key learning outcome was the need to keep the focus on the desired outcome (the why) and be flexible about the process (the how). Understanding that the priority was to prompt the cohort to reflect about the past, the present, and the future, rather than to stick to a pre-pandemic agenda, was crucial to experiment and adapt. In that context, surveying the Fellows about what they were missing as well as understanding the limitations of a virtual setting were key to deliver the sought-after outcome.

Whilst I was the CEO of this session, the planning greatly benefited from having Darya as an advisor. If it’s not possible to have two CEOs per session, I definitively recommend exploring if other Fellows are willing to step up as a sounding board when designing the sessions where there is only one CEO.

If I were to run this session again, I’d be stricter managing the time allocated to each speaker given the multiple activities and participants.

I personally enjoyed the session. My 15+ years of experience running online workshops and presentations made the challenge very appealing and rewarding. I also appreciated the opportunity to work with Darya and the openness of the Fellows to experiment with the different activities.


It was a pleasure working with Patricia on this project. I found this topic very thought provoking and found the presentation Patricia did excellent. Having a homework for that session helped structuring thoughts/goals, etc…. It’s very useful tool going forward.

I secured the external speaker to give us guidance on how to integrate mindfulness into everyday activities. Shamash is international bestselling author of Mindfulness for Dummies. For him, mindfulness is a passion that has become a calling. Sharing this passion with others so they can feel more peaceful and joyful makes him a very happy man.

Reflection was the last session, so we discussed with the SLP Fellows the way to continue communication potentially via zoom calls once a month with members who wished to continue of course. We will aim to have calls last or first Monday of the month.

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