The Best £450 You’ll Ever Spend

June 2019 — #SLP:LDN

The Best £450 You’ll Ever Spend

SLP:LDN is not a social program, but we are on a social mission.

It’s important for us as an organisation to be upfront. And while we want to make clear that applying for the program won’t cost you a thing, being admitted into the class of 2018/19 will. £450 to be exact.

We get this will prevent some of you from applying, and that’s okay. Because the truth is that running a six-month intensive program with classes, workshops, simulations and support, comes at a price.  That said we do want everyone to have the opportunity to join so the program team can and do discuss ways of helping you to make payments if you can make a strong case as to why you can’t pay.  It’s up to them and they do listen - just get in touch.

From the people we invite, to the spaces we share – even the website you’re reading all this on right now – requires money to maintain. But what we’ve come to realise over the years is that what you get back in return for becoming part of our network is worth its weight in gold (if what it offered could actually be bought, that is).

Why do we it? We do it because being an entrepreneur is an incredible privilege. It’s a chance to chase our dreams, to make a difference – to matter. But that won't stop 7 million children will dying of preventable causes this year, with 50 million more suffering through disease and hunger.

So we run this course with a purpose. We gather what we believe are the best problem solvers in the world and ask that they make a simple promise – to use the knowledge, wealth and resources they’ll gain from being a lifetime member of the SLP network to help make the world a better place.Which is why, every year, the last class we take together is called ‘How I will change the world?’.

We know what you might be thinking – ‘so you’re saying we need to pay you, and then still commit to some kind of ‘social cause’ as well? Right. I thought this was a class for building a business!’

This is exactly the point - we don’t work on businesses - we work on individuals. Everything else comes as a result of honing what you, as a person, have to offer.

The Startup Leadership Program is quite unlike anything else of its type in this regard. We’re not here to make money from the program, to offer a quick fix or an easy way out. What we’re here to do is help our fellows realise what they have and show them how powerful it can be when surrounded and supported by a network of like-minds who realise it too.

The bottom line is it's a simple choice -  whether you believe that a world class curriculum, access to mentors, experts, lawyers and investors plus a lifetime’s membership to a network that’s grown from 7 to over 3,000 in just 9 years, is worth putting your hand in your pocket for.

We’re really looking forward to finding out.