The Big Network

November 2018 — #Andras Nagy, #Class of 2018/19

The Big Network

SLP hosted 25 participants at Deloitte's Farringdon offices with an equal split between mentors and fellows. This was a really fun evening, which I very much enjoyed moderating.

We kicked off with a networking session over snacks and drinks. A short introduction followed where Steven Hess (SLP London Trustee & Programme Lead) introduced the programme and the event itself. Wenqian Chen (SLP London Co-Programme Lead) provided great support throughout the evening.

Chairs were arranged in two concentric circles with fellows and mentors facing each other. Each fellow spent 6-7 minutes in one place before moving on the next mentor/chair in clockwise motion. It took around 2 hours to go full circle with a 10 minute break in the middle. Wen had two bells, which we rang when it was time for fellows to move.

In addition to reaching out to SLP alumni, who attended in great numbers and provided a wealth of experience and advice, it also payed dividends to approach potential mentors on LinkedIn. A number of our mentors stemmed from this channel and proved a great addition to the existing list of guests.

I don't normally organise events, but simply attend them. Being co-organiser pushed me outside my comfort zone when it came to searching for and inviting guests, for example. When it came to moderating the evening, I was reminded how moving 25 people around requires good presence and clear instructions. The evening provided a rare opportunity to practice being a moderator and speaking in front of people.

I plan to email around everyone's contact details in the next few days. Will be interested to see feedback and any suggestions. Big thanks to Steven and Wen for putting all the puzzle places in place and making this event a success.